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Naturally delightful through thoughtful stewardship

Commitment to Plant Science and Conservation is at the heart of our mission.

We delve into the fascinating world of botany through our dedicated efforts in research, education, and preservation. From home gardening tips to information about various plant species, our aim is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intricate roles plants play in our ecosystems and everyday lives. Our conservation efforts focus on protecting plant diversity, promoting sustainable practices, and encouraging ecological stewardship.

Discover more about our plant science and conservation efforts and how you can get involved. Together, we can make a difference in preserving the beauty and diversity of our natural world.

Home Gardening

12-Month Garden Checklist

Embark on a year-long gardening adventure with the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s 12-month checklist! Each month brings new tasks, joys, and discoveries, tailored to help both novice and experienced gardeners thrive. Join us in nurturing your garden through the seasons, deepening your connection with nature’s vibrant cycle.

Featured Collection


Few landscape shrubs are as widely celebrated and anticipated in the spring and summer garden as azaleas and rhododendrons. Their attractive and lively floral displays come in a variety of colors and signal a change of season. These shrubs have a way of taking center stage in practically any landscape. For these reasons, among many others, azaleas are one of the key plant collections at Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Native Plants

Native Plants Teaching Garden

The Native Plants Teaching Garden at Huntsville Botanical Garden showcases southeastern North America’s native flora, focusing on species from northern Alabama’s diverse regions. This garden demonstrates the ecological and maintenance benefits of native plantings, such as lower water needs and enhanced resilience. Supported by the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, it’s a living classroom for sustainable gardening practices.

Ode to Native Plants

Natural Areas Supervisor Mike Shelton provides information on why planting native species is essential for a thriving ecosystem and offers valuable insights for home gardeners in their planting choices.

Invasive Species at a Garden Center Near You

Conservation Horticulturist Katrina Mitchell discusses the proliferation of invasive species commonly sold at big box stores and nurseries and why those plants should be avoided. She also offers advice on more beneficial plant options.

Accessibility in Your Garden

Creating a garden is not just about growing beautiful flowers and luscious vegetables; it’s also an opportunity to foster your mind and body.

Ask the Experts

Have a question about plants, horticulture, gardening, or conservation?

Conservation Research & Projects

From survival to revival

Learn more about Huntsville Botanical Garden’s conservation efforts for the rare and imperiled Boynton oak (Quercus boytonii) that can only be found in 9 counties in Alabama.

A delicate bloom amidst limestone giants

Find out why saving species like Morefield’s leatherflower (Clematis morefieldii) is important to north Alabama and other places in the Cumberland Plateau.

Reviving the obscure American smoketree

Why did the American smoketree, once prolific in Alabama and surrounding areas, fade into obscurity and how is Huntsville Botanical Garden helping it make a comeback?