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  • Photography

Capture the beauty, share the wonder, and connect with nature and fellow photography enthusiasts here at the Garden.

Before you set out, please check our Photography and Drone Policies to ensure a great visit for everyone.

Wedding Photography

The Garden is available for photo opportunities, at no additional charge, with venue rental. Photography sessions prior to a wedding must be scheduled with the Hospitality office. Shuttle service is available for photography on the day of your event for a fee of $100. Shuttle service for photos taken on a day other than the event day must be scheduled through the Hospitality office and will be charged at a fee of $50 per hour.

To schedule wedding photography, please email

Professional & Commercial Photography

If you would like to have professional photographs made in the Garden without a facility rental, please download, complete, and return the Photography Application. Fees for professional photography sessions in the Garden are listed on the Photography Application.

Photography Annual Pass

We love seeing the Garden in the images you capture of families, couples, graduates, children, and everything in between. We hope this will inspire you to spend more time with us and bring more of our community together in this special place. We offer annual passes for professional photographers who wish to utilize the Garden on a regular basis.